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Air Prague has been founded in 2002 and is active on the European market as commercial AOC operator since 2009. 1st of January 2021 meant large new step forward as Air Prague was taken over by new owners and management, which also for first time brought own company's aircraft - Embraer Phenom 100.

Extensive change-over of the company started and we have been turning Air Prague into modern aircraft operator by introducing latest software solutions for quick, efficient and safe operations. Our team of pilots also changed completely, bringing in experienced aviators with experience from all around the world and including the largest airplanes.

Our goal is to combine the best of the two worlds and provide both passengers and aircraft owners great experience by having the right team of people.

It took us less then a year to completely revamp sales and operations and make our Phenom 100 OK-VAN the mostly flown Phenom 100 registered in Europe (January - September 2022). This is not only because of the changes we have made in the company, but also by having great and established partners that are working with us.

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Charter flights

Our Phenom 100 is ready to get you safely where you need and when you need in style, but also very effectively all around Europe and Mediterranean.

  • Large and modern cabin, thats only comparable with aircraft from larger category (eg. mid-size jets) with premium staircase.
  • One of the fastest in its category travelling up to 800 km/h or Mach 0,65 with ceiling of 12 500 m or 41 000 ft that allows us to avoid much of the weather.
  • Phenom 100 can carry up to 4 passengers or 2 passengers and up to 160 kgs of baggage. The cargo hold is also much larger then you think and skis, bikes or even 4 golf bags can be acommodated.
  • If you are travelling alone we can take you across Europe nonstop with flight time up to 3 hours if conditions permit.
  • Large refreshment area that holds fully stocked minibar and which can also store catering (cold options) for 4 passengers.
  • Low cabine altitude in flight means maximum travel comfort
  • Lavatory separted from the passenger seats by wall and curtain

For any flight inquiry, please contact us via contact form down the page.

Aircraft management

Are you thinking about buying an aircraft? It doesn't matter if your primary goal is to have your own plane always ready for you or if you look more for investement and value-saving asset. Do not hesitate to contact us and lets talk! We are not just another aircraft operator, we are also aircraft owners! Therefor we do know, what it means to own, run and maintain the aircraft.

Our goal is to provide maximum service and support to any wishes you might have from the first idea of acquiring one and we are fully ready to help you find and fly the perfect aircraft for your needs! Also, if you wish to offer the aircraft on the market to help you bring down the cost of ownership, we have great partners and tools to do so.

Thanks to our experienced team and trusted partners (including aircraft brokers with extensive off-market contacts), we can accomodate another Phenom 100 in operations in very short time - as well as it's sybling Phenom 300.

At the same time, we are ready and looking forward to accomodate and operate as well any large cabin bizjet you might wish to fly.

Our crews

Air Prague team of flight crew consits of talented first officers and highly experienced captains and instructors with tens of thounsand hours altogether that have flown on major commercial airplanes, including ATR's, Boeing 737 and 787 or Airbuses 330/340 and 380 all around the world.

Business jet opeations are extremely challenging environment full of constant changes. We believe, that the key to our sucessful future is the right team full of experienced people and therefor we focus heavily on picking those right people to join us.

Our crews are trained to highest standards in full flight simulators and by latest learning solutions by top-notch providers.

Team is also joined by pilots and managers being involved in business aviation for more then 15 years.

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